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I have had neck troubles and pain for 10 years or more. Over this time, I have tried injections, three different physical therapy facilities and chiropractic care, all of which have been unsuccessful. Out of desperation, I decided to try Lake Isabella Physical Therapy; mostly because it was close by. Based on previous experiences, I basically felt that physical therapy would be a waste of time. However, after just six visits, Dr. Shannon Dexter had my neck almost pain free and my range of motion significantly improved. My neck is working and feeling better than it has in the past ten years.
J. Coon
 I had severe carpal tunnel and neuropathy in my legs and feet; I was on the path to surgery. I was so glad to find out there was a physical therapist where I live in Lake Isabella. Dr. Dexter helped with both issues. I no longer need surgery and am living comfortably. I was very pleased with the treatment and would go back to her if I every need any physical therapy again. Thank you, Dr. Dexter!
C. Woodcock
After over ten years of my sister being confined to a wheel chair, she had a very difficult knee replacement surgery where the hope of her gaining mobility again was slim.  We were so lucky to have Shannon Dexter assigned as my sisters physical therapist!  Through Shannon’s persistence and encouragement, my sister was able to walk again.  She rapidly advanced from immobile fear, to walking using parallel bars and then to a walker.  My sister and I would recommend Shannon Dexter and Lake Isabella Physical Therapy to anyone seeking an experienced physical therapist professional.  Not only was the care top rate; her positive and up-lifting personality made the entire process a delightful positive experience for my sister.  
 S. Murray
I have dealt with lower back pain most of my life. The last couple of years I have also had additional hip pain. Working with Dr. Shannon Dexter and Lake Isabella Physical Therapy, I have noticeably less pain and stronger core muscles. I strongly believe that you must continue an at home stretching and exercise program to maintain what the physical therapist corrects. Thank you Lake Isabella Physical Therapy for helping me resolve my pain issues.
T. R. Partlo
Going to Lake Isabella Physical Therapy has been an extremely positive experience.  I injured my lower back and must drive a long distance to work five days a week.  My job requires me to sit at a desk for most of the day.  I thought I would never be pain free.  I had tried chiropractic care, pain medicine, other physical therapy facilities and pain management.  I was told surgery was my only other option.  I thought I would never feel normal again, but have finally found the truth to recovery.  Dr. Dexter is an aggressive therapist with a very special gift for what she does.  She is ever vigilant to our well being, making sure we don't overdo.  Each new exercise is challenging and as I see and feel the results of my progress, I look forward to my next session.  I would recommend Shannon Dexter and Lake Isabella Physical Therapy highly, to anyone who needs therapy and really wants to feel better.
S. Kauffman
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